Yunnan promotes green industry at CIFIT


Women in traditional costumes of the Lisu and Naxi ethnic groups promote Yunnan mangoes during the fair. [Photo/]


As guest province of honor of the 2018 China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT), Yunnan province opened its pavilion at the Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, host venue of CIFIT, in Xiamen, Fujian province on Sept 8.


Covering an area of 1,020 square meters, this year’s pavilion was a record-breaker, attracting over 200 companies and business associations, involving more than 1,200 participants and organizing 12 activities during the fair.


Focusing on green energy, green food and healthy life, Yunnan introduced 625 projects, covering its many key industries, including biological medicine, logistics and tourism.


Gao Mingshao, who is in charge of a farm in Yunnan, brought soft-seed pomegranate to the fair. “I’ve received hundreds of orders today and my business cards are out,” Gao said. “We are looking forward to seeing more companies invest in Yunnan in the future to develop multi-dimension plantation.”



“We have reached cooperation deals with many deep-processing companies, which can make up for our weaknesses,” said Sun Xi, general manager of a local biological medicine company. Sun also wore traditional costumes of the Yi ethnic group to promote their natural moringa seeds.